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                             WINNERS OF THE 2012 CAR SHOW
PEOPLE'S CHOICE                   # 10 JERRY VIEIRA                1929 FORD
ANTIQUE CARS                        # 15  NEIL WADE SR.            1935 PLYMOUTH
STREET ROD                            # 10  JERRY VIEIRA 
50'S                                          #   9  DICK FILES                    1955 BEL AIR 
60'S                                          # 18  HENRY HINMAN           1962 PONTIAC
70'S                                          # 12  SHANE DAVIS               1979 FORD F 100
80'S                                          #   6  PAUL LANCASTER        1983 C-10 CHEVY
90'S                                          #  16 BRUCE HARDY             1994 GMC SUBURBAN
2000'S                                     #  20  RAY MANUEL               2000 SPIDER
LONGEST DISTANCE               #    1  AL HOWE                      1931 "A" FORD from BATH,ME.
4 x 4                                          #  21  CORREY ZEOLLA        1974 DODGE RAMCHARGER
 Upcoming Events:
JUNE 2, 2012                                CAR SHOW                                                                                          
Recent Events:
Winners of the 2012 Wyman Lake Ice Fishing Derby
1st Place:    Nate Fowler          Togue            4.04 lbs
2nd Place:   Jacob Dodge        Salmon         2.44 lbs
3rd Place:    Bob Lane             Salmon         2.36 lbs
Youth:         Jonathon Miller    Brook Trout   1.80 lbs
Ice Auger:   Gordon Hartwell
Youth Lifetime Fishing Licences:
Cassie Smith
Cooper Annance
Sarah Annance
Sunday, December 11, 2011


A celebration of what made our area grow and prosper.  Held the last Friday in July and running through the weekend, this Festival is supported by the communities and organizations up and down the Upper Kennebec Valley Corridor.  Crafters, food vendors, Bingo, Bean supper, parade, Duckie Derby Race, Fishing Tournament, Fly tying & Fly casting classes,  Family fun and games, FIREWORKS!  are all part of this celebration of the Kennebec River and all it has meant to out livelihood.
May 7, 2011                AREA BEAUTIFICATION DAY
MAY 28-29, 2011        FIVE MILE YARD SALE

The 5 mile yard sale starts at the south end of Bingham and goes thru town and up thru Moscow. FREE space is available on Rt. 201 for people to set up their treasures, bake sales, vendors and other sellable items. Landowners need to be contacted for permission and to assure the location of your choice is available or they may contact Cathy Allen @ 207-491-5397 for available space or more info. We are providing space only, to set up yard sales so people need to bring their own tables, etc. By offering space to people we are in hopes that people can make some extra money and bring more people to the area.  

JUNE 4, 2011               CAR SHOW

Winners from the 10th Annual Wyman Lake Ice Fishing Derby
January 21, 22, & 23, 2011 include the following:

1st     $250.00 + trophy   Jared Cochran   - Splake    2.3 lb     18 1/2"

2nd   $150.00 + trophy    Nick Roberton  - Lake T.   2.14lb    18"

3rd   $100.00 + trophy   Jeff Northup      - Salmon   1.78lb    19"

Youth $50.00 + trophy     Garrett Cote      - Chub      1.66lb    15"

Other $100.00 + trophy winners : 
Connor Liberty, Salmon 1.62lb 
Rick Goodwin, Brook Trout 9oz
Frank Turner, Lake Trout 1.62
Hal Fowler, Splake 1.62.

Winner of the 9" Jiffy Auger:  Brenden Littlefield

Three Maine Youth Lifetime Fishing Licenses:

Austin Smith   -     Kharli Gordon         -     Shane Murphy

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the derby!
We hope you had a great time and come back to do it again next year!
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Highlights from the 2010 Car Show:
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